A Boarding Handle Is Indispensable

boarding handleTrue story – We were moving John’s new boat from Baltimore where he bought it to his home marina of Harrington Harbor North in Deale, MD. Unfortunately, he bought it in January so, although the boat had an enclosure, it was still chilly. Not a real problem as we bundled up in layers. I even wore my brand new Uggs.

We needed to gas up so, as we came into the gas pump, John put the engine in reverse and….the engine died. I stepped up on side of the boat onto the gunwale, boat hook in hand, to try and keep the boat from smashing into the dock. What happened instead is that I dropped right into the drink! That’s right – 36 degree water that day, and I sank right to the bottom of the bay. First and only time I thought I was going to die! The second I fought my way to the top of the water, John’s hand was there to fish me out. I will never forget how cold I was.

And, we will never again have a boat without a boarding handle. This thing would have saved me the grief of freezing for the next 2 hours as I never would have taken that unintentional swim. It also fits into any standard size rod holder. That’s our boarding handle above on our sailboat, Namaste.

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