Ambient Weather WR-112 Emergency Solar Hand Crank AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio, Flashlight, Smart Phone Charger with Weather Alert, SirenCheck Price

Safety at sea is a major concern for John and me when we set out on a boating adventure on the Chesapeake Bay. Of course, John will not leave the dock without first checking our local weather forecast, and we do not step on board our sailboat or our jet ski without the Ambient Weather WR-112 (aka the ADVENTURER) in tow.

If there is a weather (or other) emergency, we want to know and we want to be prepared in advance of a watch or warning. For picking up National Weather Service news broadcasts of local weather reports, watches, and warnings, we reach for our NOAA Weather Radio, the ADVENTURER.

This particular ambient weather station is a compact, easy to use, weather radio packed with features necessary for emergency preparedness, on the boat or off, including but not limited to:

  • Digital All Hazards NOAA AM/FM weather radio
  • LED flashlight
  • Emergency smart phone and Kindle charger
  • Emergency siren
  • 5-way charging capability – My favorite part of this Ambient Weather station is that you can charge it either by hand crank or, weather permitting of course, by solar panel. You can also charge it through a computer USB, DC or car charger (with optional converter), and through AC power outlets (with optional adaptor).

There are 5 different Ambient Weather alert systems on the market. The high end comes in about double the price of this model. Depending on your needed, the Ambient WR-112 might fit the bill like it does ours.

Keep in mind that the ADVENTURER is NOT waterproof. You will want to keep the WR-112 in a dry spot and out of wet weather’s way, while keeping it in a sunny location so it will continue to charge.

Being prepared makes for a much more adventurous day with necessary safety precautions. Recreational boaters need not, indeed, should not, throw caution to the wind when heading out on the ocean – even when on a sailboat!

The ADVENTURER–Don’t leave land without it!


One thought on “The Hand Crank Ambient Weather Station – the ADVENTURER

  1. Andi

    Bought a similar one for my in-laws a few years ago for use in the RoadTrek or trailer. They spent much time traveling the country. It came in handy.


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