Quick Reference Cards

boating reference cardI’d never heard of Davis Instruments Quick Reference Cards until a fellow boater mentioned them to me. Since I’m new to sailing, I purchased a few of these handy dandy reference cards which are the perfect complement to any boat’s helm.

Laminated in a heavy plastic and ready to be stored in a binder if you choose, the Davis Instruments Reference Cards contain information applicable for both beginner and seasoned boaters. These reference cards all contain the most important information – such as who has the right of way when 2 boats are near (hint: it’s always the less maneuverable boat who has the right of way – which means, get OUT OF THE WAY!).

So, here’s a selection of reference cards which would be a great gift for a new boat owner or anyone who wants to have a fast reference for the most important information.

 Davis Instruments Boating Guide Quick Reference CardCheck Price Davis Instruments Navigation Rules Quick Reference CardCheck Price Davis Instruments Weather Forecasting Quick Reference CardCheck Price Quick Reference Marine ElectronicsCheck Price Pocket Quick Reference Cards for BoatingCheck Price

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