A Stormglass Predicts The Weather

 Weems Stormglass (Brass) in Black Gift BoxCheck PriceI had never heard of a stormglass, so, when I saw that someone bought one of these off of my Handy Gifts For A New Boat Owner article, I just had to figure out what a Weems Stormglass was and how to use it. After figuring both out, I already have one in my Amazon cart. Once I purchase it, it will live aboard Namaste, our sailboat.

By way of background, a stormglass is an object generally made of brass which has liquid inside that changes appearance and predicts the next day’s weather. The liquid is usually a mixture of such chemicals as ammonium chloride, potassium nitrate, ethanol, camphor, and distilled water.

If you look at the liquid and it is cloudy, the weather the next day will also be cloudy. The coolest thing though is when it’s going to thunderstorm – then the liquid will turn cloudy and show little stars! How cool is that??

The Weems stormglass predicts 8 types of weather:

  • Clear weather is indicated by the liquid being totally clear
  • Cloudy weather shows the liquid being cloudy
  • Dots in cloudy liquid indicate high humidity
  • Thunderstorms are indicated by cloudy liquid with stars
  • Clear liquid with small stars in winter months shows snow is coming
  • Large flakes appearing in the liquid in summer indicate the next day’s weather will be overcast. In the winter, this appearance indicates snowy days ahead.
  • Frost makes its appearance in the liquid by crystals forming in the bottom
  • And, if the liquid looks like there are threads in it, that indicates that wind is in the forecast.

Stormglasses are one of the oldest ways to predict weather. This particular stormglass is petite, just around 4″ long and encased in brass. Reviewers love the thing. I think it would be a great item to have on a nice boat. And, how about getting one of these stormglasses to teach younger children about weather?

There’s a few other good ways to predict weather – for those of us who own dogs who react to changes in barometer, there’s almost no better way to know that rain is coming than to watch your trembling dog. However, for those of you who prefer a more precise way to predict the weather, particularly on a boat, here’s a few good choices from Amazon.com:

 Weems and Plath Stormglass with Display, BrassCheck Price Ambient Weather AW-YG737S-RD Admiral Fitzroy Storm Glass and Galileo ThermometerCheck Price 6″ Admiral Fitzroy Storm GlassCheck Price Ambient Weather WS-1171A Wireless Advanced Weather Station with Temperature, Dew Point, Barometer and HumidityCheck Price Oregon Scientific BAR208HGA Advanced Weather Station with Atomic Time (small white sensor not included)Check Price

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