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Boat Fenders

 Taylor Made Products Classic Mermaid Boat FendersCheck Price

Crashing the any portion of a boat into a hard surface such as dock is detrimental both to the boat and the dock. That’s why boat fenders are so important to have on board. And, we suggest you have more than you expect you might need, just in case. Boat fenders are also a very necessary item when rafting up with other boats. Heck, we even use them to float on when we swim in the bay.

I surprised John with those mermaid boat fenders that you see above to use on Namaste. We get comments on how cool they are every time we pull them out to dock. They’re not only cool but they’re very thick and cushiony too so they protect the stern and bow from the pilons we frequently tie to. My one complain is that the mermaid boat fender tends to get dirty and John seems to like cleaning her off!

Here’s a few more choices on Amazon.com. The boat fender adjuster (the big picture below) is very nice for allowing easy adjustment of the height of the fenders depending on the height of the dock.

 Taylor Made Products Tidy-Ups Boat Fender Adjuster with Fender Rope (White)Check Price Shoreline Marine Promotional Fender Kit (Pack of 4), 6.5-Inch x 23-InchCheck Price Dock-Rite Ribbed Twin-Eye Fender (Blue\ 8.5 x 27-Inch 21.6 X 67.8 cm, 5/8-Inch – 1.59 cm)Check Price Extreme Max Fender Value Pack 2 Inflatable Vinyl Boat Fenders and 2 Fender Lines (Pack of 2 Fenders & 2 Fender Lines)Check Price Case of (4) 23Check Price

Some boat fenders may scuff the side of the boat. Here’s some fender covers that can prevent this kind of marring:

 Taylor Made Products Traditional Boat Fender Boot (2-Pack)Check Price Taylor Made Products Fleece Boat Fender Cover for Center Rope Tube Style FendersCheck Price Polyform US EFC-2 Fender Cover, Black. Click for sizesCheck Price