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Good Quality Plastic Wine Glasses

plastic wine glassGlass and boats don’t mix as there are often bare feet (mine!) running around – not a good thing around glass shards. We always bring sodas and cocktails in cans whenever possible but, when it comes to wine, a box just doesn’t sound right. Don’t get me wrong – studies are showing that box wine, in some cases, is better quality than bottled wine, but, for me, I like a good bottle of chardonnay.  So, for those times when we’re anchored out for the evening, a set of lobsters on the grill, we like to bring out our very good quality plastic wine glasses.

The reason we have very good quality plastic wine glasses is because I’m a snob. There. I’ve said it.

The better quality glasses are made of polycarbonate have a better weight and feel. They also do not break at the stem if dropped…repeatedly. Cheaper quality wine glasses made of acrylic just don’t hold up as well. So, I’ve found that paying a bit more for a better quality wine glass is worth it in the long run.

Word of caution: never wash any plastic glasses with a scrubby side of a sponge – you’ll get a nasty scratching pattern. Word of experience speaking here….

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These wine glasses are just plain fun. And, they do keep wine at the right temperature for longer:

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