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Boating Log Books

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Boating log books do more than keep track of weekend travels; they’re also important for someone who hopes to get a captain’s license.

Maritime law requires that anyone applying for a Captain’s license, spend a certain amount of time on the water. For example, if applying for a Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel (OUPV) 6 PAK, one has to log at least 360 days on the water past the age of 14 to when the application goes in. And, 90 of those 360 days have to be within the last 3 years on either a power or sail boat over 16 feet in size. Noting down hours and trips in a boat log book becomes essential as proof of meeting the requirements. And, your boating log book may well be reviewed prior to getting a license.

And. there’s other cool logs, such as the guest log. What better way to remember the fun days spent aboard the boat with friends and family?

When it comes to logs, Weems & Plath Log Books are the best sellers on Amazon.com. These are the ones that we’ve chosen for our own boat. They’ve held up beautifully for the 4 years we’ve had them. And, the teak cover shown above is a great way to protect the log for many many years. It’s true quality and will delight any boat owner.

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And, a few more ship’s log for good measure:

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