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Cockpit Organizers

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No matter what, we could never find items in the boat cockpit before we bought organizers. For one thing, boat cockpits tend to be kind of lean and don’t have a lot of storage area. Stuff was just everywhere but nothing was where we could easily find it. Enter boat cockpit organizers!

I particularly like the captain’s chair organizer. It’s a great way to add boat storage to an area that is usually wasted space. We keep essential items in our chair organizer like a boat safety kit so that it’s right there when a fish hook pierces a finger. Yes, it happens. Ugh.

And, we almost always tote along the pedestal cooler. It fits perfectly right under the seat so that sodas and refreshments are always handy. It’s much nicer than having to go into the cabin every time the captain needs to refresh his drink. It keeps items on ice for about 8 hours or so.

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Here’s some other boat cockpit organizers. The ones with suction cups work pretty well, provided you don’t overload them.

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