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Boating First Aid Kits

boating first aid kitA good boating first aid kit should be your second purchase after the boat. If you’re proactive like I am, a good quality boating first aid kit was actually the first purchase before the boat. That’s how important I thought it was to be prepared for health emergencies while at sea.

John will tell you (and I will agree) that there are two axioms regarding boating and boating safety:

1. A boat will bite you if it gets the chance (ergo the need for first aid kits….) and
2. If it can tangle, it will (I’ll deal with tangling issues in another post).

Since I’ve been hurt many times on our boat (through no fault of mine, you understand….), I’m always sure of exactly where on the boat the first aid kit(s) are stored. Why do I have more than one emergency kit? Because I bleed just as easily on the bow as the stern! I’ve wrenched my knee when a rogue wave hit once and had to ice the offending joint and wrap it in a compression bandage until we could get back to shore. And, need I mention how many times I’ve ended up stuck on the business end of a fishing pole?

A good first aid kit for a boat should contain basic items such as bandages, neosporin or antibiotic ointment, along with ace bandages, scissors, tweezers etc. The best boating emergency kit will contain additional room for you to store those items you prefer – such as immodium or seasickness pills.

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